Intelligent design, customized solutions

A new architecture model that relies on «healthy» design – attention to natural lighting, eco-friendly materials and functional spaces – always based on a foundation of innovative architecture that has been internationally-recognized and awarded.
The key is understanding the customer’s functionality needs down to the last detail.

Leaders in sustainability

Our Zero Energy attitude combined with a broad experience in highly energy efficient and sustainable projects, defines us as experts in LEED certified projects, GreenBuilding, ZEC (Zero Energy Cost) and PE+Buildings (Positive Energy Buildings).

High response capacity

Our company has a long history in developing and managing highly complex projects, with tight deadlines, strict economic constraints and technological challenges.

Guarantee of excellence

An attitude of innovation and continuous improvement that is constantly seeking to anticipate the needs of our clients to deliver unique solutions. e.tec offers specific solutions covering the entire project life cycle through an integrated approach of design, technical and building services.

Commitment and collaboration

We believe in the strength of commitment and the value of collaboration. The most complex, innovative and ambitious projects are always born out of close partnership.